Achieve a good work-life balance following Complete One’s 4 simple steps

Direct sales and marketing firm Complete One in Newcastle has recently released their 4-step guide to achieving a good work-life balance.

For entrepreneurs, trying to achieve a good work-life balance can be difficult. Newcastle based outsourced sales and marketing firm, – and supporters of entrepreneurship – Complete One has released a guide with 4 simple steps to help.


1) Don’t look at emails after a cut-off time


Many entrepreneurs don’t have an ‘off’ button; they have a desire to constantly be switched on and this can often lead to burn out.  To achieve a good work-life balance, entrepreneurs must give themselves time off, and resist the urge to check emails at night or whilst on holiday.  Managing Director at Complete One, Glen Lowes gives himself a cut-off time that he sticks to.

Checking emails and other notifications can become an addiction.  To help break the habit, Glen Lowes urges entrepreneurs to set a time in the evening where they focus solely on checking emails and other office communications.


2) Don’t work every evening


Advances in technology mean that we no longer have to be disconnected when outside of the office environment. However that doesn’t mean that someone has to constantly be working.  To achieve a healthy work-life balance, individuals must take some evenings off.  It is important to take time after work to relax and focus on other areas of life.  Unless something is an emergency, it can wait.


3) Maximise time off


For many entrepreneurs time off is non-existent, however it is vital.  Weekends, whether it is one or two days off, is time to rest, recover, and recuperate and they shouldn’t be wasted.  Glen Lowes sets aside 30 minutes every Sunday evening to go over goals for the week ahead and uses the rest of his weekend to spend time with friends and family.


4) Use technology to assist productivity, not to stay “always connected”


While technology has dramatically changed the way people work, it can also cause people to constantly be connected to their work. Being able to work from anywhere can be of great assistance, however it’s important entrepreneurs know when to disconnect.  Entrepreneurs need to learn to use mobile technology in a way that enhances their day to day activities, and helps achieve their goals. However, they should avoid extending their workday unnecessarily, or to stay connected when the focus should be on another project.


Managing Director at Complete One, Glen Lowes, has used these techniques to help achieve a good work-life balance. “As a young business owner I have sometimes struggled to achieve a good work-life balance, and now having put these habits in place I have managed to achieve a healthy balance which is helping both my business and personal life,” said Glen Lowes.


Complete One is a young, ambitious and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing company, specialising in customer acquisition through in-person promotions. The firm’s expertise lies in increasing market share and raising brand awareness for their clients through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns, at high profile events and venues throughout the North East.


Published 7th January 2016

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