With a client portfolio boasting FTSE 100 and some of the UK’s rapidly expanding companies, we have opportunities to expand our market reach across the UK.¬† Therefore, we are constantly seeking the next wave of talented and ambitious and talented individuals to help take our business forward.

Working with our events division as a brand ambassador, you will be the face and voice of our clients at our promotional events.



1/ Setting up & managing pop-up events

2/ Frontline customer service

3/ Conducting presentations

4/ Acquiring data

5/ Customer acquisition / retention


Business Development 

For graduates and those looking to integrate themselves into the business world, our unique business development opportunities are among the best. We will coach and mentor individuals in all aspects of our business fundamentals including;

Campaign Management, Client Relations, Marketing & Sales Strategies, Motivational & Informative Public Speaking Skills, Human Resource Management & Public Relations, and Micro-Management.

Through in-house seminars, tutorials, and workshops, as well as regional industry conferences, our aim is to provide individuals with a wealth of knowledge and skills to allow them to be able to oversee their own project.

If you think you have transferable skills we could utilise or are looking for an opportunity where you can learn, grow and develop, apply below.

15:00, Nov 4th 2018, Twickenham Stoop: Newcastle Falcons vs Harlequins F.C.
19:45 Nov 9th 2018, Kingston Park: Newcastle Falcons vs Bath