Build better connections with sales prospects with Complete One’s top secret tips

Top salespeople make it look easy, exceeding targets is easy according to Complete One, Newcastle’s premier sales, and marketing specialist. The firm shares their top-secret tips.

Experts in sales and marketing Complete One have built a reputation in the market for achieving results.  Taking individuals with little or no experience in selling to becoming consistently impressive record breakers.  Glen Lowes Managing Director of Complete One urges salespeople to ditch the sleazy tactics and reveals how his company guides people to success within their industry with his five simple steps to building an essential connection in the field.


TIP 1. Ask a provocative question.

Trust is built on honesty, knowledge, and integrity. Salespeople should avoid overkill on the people pleasing.  Instead, Complete One coach their salesforce how to challenge people on their problems and objectives in a new way.  First, it is vital to have an understanding of the market and common issues for businesses, question if any of these concerns offer similar obstacles and when a prospect replies yes it provides a realm of expertise to the salesperson and often will get a foot in the door.


TIP 2. Turn off your enthusiasm.

Most people can spot a sales pitch a mile of, the high octaves reach during the introduction often disengage the other party immediately.  Glen Lowes encourages those within the industry t relax and approach each prospect as if they were chatting to a friend.


TIP 3. Make it all about the prospect.

Throughout engagement it is vital to concentrate on the prospect, figuring out where their potential issues lie and discussing how this affects their business functionality.  Listening and noting down the prospect’s concerns will build the valuable trust needed when offering up solutions in the form of products and services.


TIP 4. Seek to understand critical challenges.

Using initiative it is imperative to identify the problems they are experiencing, and often each issue will carry a monetary value, where possible try to estimate the cost of each quandary.  When offering solutions, firstly, address those which damage profit margin the most first.


TIP 5. Talk less.

Be conscious of talking too much, and salespeople miss valuable opportunities to identify opportunities to sell by dominating the conversation.  People like to talk to carefully guide conversations into areas which will offer insight into the current situation and where potentially they would like to see improvements.


Complete One boasts some of Newcastle’s highest performing salespeople, the firm accredit their sustainable performance to the desire to be the best.   To nurture talent, the company run workshops centred around upskilling and achieving personal and professional development goals.


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