Complete One acquire important networking connections at London business event

This past weekend, Complete One travelled to London to attend exclusive business conferences at the Hilton Bankside, where Managing Director Glen Lowes took advantage of the high-profile entrepreneurs and business owners in attendance to build his network.

Complete One is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Newcastle. The firm regularly attends industry conferences and seminars, which provides tremendous networking opportunities for them.


The award-winning entrepreneur urges young professionals to frequently connect and network with new people, allowing them to find coaches and mentors that are a good fit for them and the level of success they want to achieve. Mr. Lowes believes that the key to networking is to focus on quality over quantity. “It’s not about having a long list of people that you’ll never reconnect with. A successful network is small and valuable – your network needs to include people who will be valuable in assisting you on your road to success. Identify a number of individuals who can play a significant role in progressing your career,” commented Mr. Lowes.


The two-day event was divided into sections, with day 1 being for business investors, with delegates including award-winning entrepreneurs from all over the UK. The itinerary for the day included key business areas, covered by guest speakers who excel in those fields. The subjects covered included branding, recruitment, talent development, business scaling, and mentoring.


Day two was for a wider audience, with recruitment being the main point of focus. The administration team at Complete One was also in attendance. Held in the luxurious Bankside Ballroom, the seminar shone a spotlight on the evolution of recruitment, the impact of good branding and the ever-growing role that LinkedIn and Glassdoor currently plays.


After the events had come to a conclusion on day 2, attendees were invited to have drinks and connect. Mr. Lowes capitalised on the opportunity to converse with fellow professionals and build his network.


Complete One is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Newcastle. The firm specialises in a personalised form of direct marketing, which allows them to make long-lasting connections with consumers on behalf of their clients’ brands. By working closely alongside their clients, the firm is able to design and implement campaigns which are tailored to their target consumers. The firm argues that attending events like the one in London is pivotal for business success, and they regularly attend such events throughout the calendar year.


Date Published: 1st February 2017

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