Complete One Aim to Attract Retail Workers Affected by Gateshead Mothercare Closure

When news broke last week that retail giant Mothercare was closing a further ten stores in a bid to save the struggling firm, Newcastle-based event marketing specialists, Complete One stated that they were aiming to attract retail workers affected by the announcement of the closure of the Gateshead store.

Initial reports revealed that Mothercare would be closing 50 stores; however, the firm is now bringing down shutters on a further ten by June next year, putting 900 jobs in jeopardy. The Silverlink store in North Tyneside is one of the outlets set to close, with a date yet to befinalised.


As a company with its headquarters in Newcastle City Centre, Complete One has a keen interest in the news. Managing Director at Complete One, Glen Lowes is aiming to attract many of the retail workers affected by the imminent closure.


Complete One is the North East’s leading event-marketing firm, specialising in customer acquisition and raising brand awareness through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns. The firm utilises the human element to deliver marketing solutions with a smile and a handshake. The firm has big growth goals for this year, and they are frequently looking for the next wave of ambitious and talented individuals to help take their business forward.


The customer acquisition specialists work with a diverse group of people from a range of educational and occupational backgrounds. Award-winning entrepreneur, Mr. Lowes has found that individuals with a background in retail sales have a plethora of transferable skills that make the transition into their business seamless. The business owner argues that those from a retail sales background possess excellent communication and people skills, both of which are pivotal for success in the direct sales and marketing industry.


Operating in the highly competitive direct marketing industry, Complete One stand out from the competition because of their commitment to delivering an outstanding customer experience. The event-marketing experts have gained a reputation for their ability to provide quality and quantity customer acquisition results for their clients, and Mr. Lowes contends that is because of their high customer service standards.


The firm is aiming to attract retail workers affected by the imminent Mothercare closure with the objective to harness their customer service and people skills and turn them into key players at Complete One.


Complete One is a Newcastle-based event marketing firm specialising in interactive andpersonalised marketing solutions that utilise the human element to deliver quality and quantity customer acquisitions. As a local business owner, Mr. Lowes viewed the news with a keen interest, and he is hoping to attract those individuals affected to help take Complete One forward.



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