Complete One Competition Winners Accompany MD on Trip to New York City

Back in April, Managing Director at Complete One, Glen Lowes revealed that the event-marketing specialists were running a company-wide competition for two of the firm’s contractors to accompany him on a trip stateside.

The objective of the competition was to drive business growth to boost turnover. Speaking in April, Mr Lowes said, “I’m looking for people to step up. I want the winners to be a great example for others in my organisation. They have to show real progress in their business development accompanied by improved productivity.” The month-long competition was won by some of Complete One’s most promising contractors, Jess Hollings and Liam Jordan.


On Wednesday, July 25th, the group flew out to New York City to spend five days on an all expenses paid trip to the Big Apple. During the trip, the group spent time with some of MrLowes business associates, getting the opportunity to observe their day-to-day routine and their approach to direct sales and marketing. It wasn’t all business, however, during the trip the group got to take in the sights of New York, visiting all of the city’s famous landmarks, and even attending a baseball game watching the legendary New York Yankees take on the Kansas City Royals.


Complete One is proud to have developed a recognition and reward culture, offering frequent bonuses, incentives and prizes, including national and international travel opportunities. Award-winning entrepreneur, Glen Lowes believes that travel is advantageous for entrepreneurs and the business owner has revealed the benefits oftravelling for business.


Meeting new people – “Success is rarely a solo effort, therefore meeting new people and expanding your network is integral to achieving success,” comments Mr Lowes. The business owner argues that travelling provides the opportunity to meet and connect with new people that someone wouldn’t usually have the chance to. On the trip to New York, Complete One’s competition winners had the opportunity to network with fellow professionals.


Avoid Monotony – Humans are creatures of habit, however when subjected to the same daily routine they can face burnout. Travel helps to keep things interesting by taking people away from the daily grind. At Complete One they frequently run business trips across the UK, allowing their staff and contractors to broaden their horizons and experience new environments.


Expand comfort zones – When travelling, people often encounter new environments and situations which can force them out of their comfort zones. At Complete One they contend that expanding comfort zones is imperative for achieving business success.


Complete One is the North East’s premier event-marketing firm. In a world of ever advancing technologies, they offer clients something that is often lacking in today’s digital world, the personal touch. The competition and trip was a huge success, and Mr Lowes is looking forward to the firm’s next trip stateside.



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