Complete One focusing on implementing new leadership initiative in 2018

The Newcastle-based event marketing firm, Complete One has taken steps to implement a new leadership initiative in 2018 after the acquisition of a new client to its ever-growing portfolio.

After achieving 300% growth in 2017, the customer acquisition specialist has big growth goals for this year and believes that implementing a new leadership initiative will be the catalyst.


  1. Know your team


At Complete One, the firm believes that the best leaders take time to get to know their team on a personal and professional level to fully understand their motivations. The event-marketing firm argues that when a leader gets to know their team, it demonstrates that they care and helps people feel like they are more than just a number.


  1. Celebrate the milestones


Complete One argues that it’s pivotal to celebrate milestones and acknowledge achievements. The firm operates a four-stage business development model, and it honours and recognises people at every stage. Great leaders will celebrate every success along the way which is good for morale and motivation. Great leaders make people feel good about the work they are doing.


  1. Take risks


Risk taking is a critical part of business argues Complete One. Managing Director Glen Lowes argues that to achieve great success, taking risks is vital. The firm is creating an environment that encourages risk-taking and facilitates learning. Mistakes are an inevitable part of the journey to success. However, it’s essential to move forward and use those as learning experiences.


  1. Challenge People


One of the most significant factors for underperformance is people becoming bored and dissatisfied by performing the same tasks and projects each day. Complete One believes that it is important to challenge people and allow them to learn and master new skills, which will instil a sense of excitement and accomplishment.


  1. Recognise and Reward


Complete One has developed a strong recognition and reward culture. The firm believes that its people are the business and it’s crucial to make them feel appreciated. The event-marketing expert is urging leaders to recognise the efforts of their team and reward them for their performance.


“Our business has always been built on solid leadership foundations, and we recognise the important role of effective leadership,” commented Mr Lowes.


Complete One is one of the North East’s leading event marketing firms. With a market reach spanning five cities across the UK, the company has massive growth goals for 2018 and is focusing on leadership in the first quarter.





Date Published:  9th January 2018

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