Complete One host companywide workshops inspired by the Winter Olympics

With the Winter Olympics in full swing, Managing Director at Complete One, Glen Lowes was inspired by the performance of the athletes to host a companywide workshop, investigating the successful characteristics of Olympic athletes.


At Complete One, the firm believes that there are many similarities between success in business and sport and that the same characteristics that make a successful athlete can be transferred into a business environment.  During the workshop, award-winning entrepreneur Glen Lowes revealed the five most essential success attributes of successful Olympic athletes.


  1. Consistency


Mr Lowes believes that the standout virtue of all top athletes is the consistency in their training. With the Olympics held every four years, athletes are training for years and years to represent their country on the biggest stage. Mr Lowes contends that for athletes, the extensive training regime is a part of their life before they achieve success, and therefore they are motivated by more than just success.


  1. Sacrifice & Discipline


The sacrifices Olympic athletes make are tremendous contends Mr Lowes. The business owner argues that while in their teens and early twenties, when most of their peers are partying, athletes have to be disciplined to wake up at 5 am every day to put in the blood, sweat and tears it takes to achieve a place on the podium.


  1. A Support system


Mr Lowes has found that those with good friends in their training squads are more likely to stay consistent and committed. As with business, the entrepreneur believes that the support of a social circle is integral to success. “It can be difficult for some people to understand an Olympic athletes sacrifice and commitment. Therefore it is imperative for them to have a group of friends who understand this and who are going through the same thing.” Commented Mr Lowes


  1. Clear Long-term Goal


As with entrepreneurs, athletes have to have a clear, long-term goal to be able to refrain from the instant satisfaction of eating poorly or partying. Mr Lowes argues that having a long-term goal will help people to make the right decisions and will provide something to focus on to help them to resist the temptation of many short-term pleasures along the way.


  1. Work-ethic


Mr Lowes believes that in any field, work ethic is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. The director at Complete One contends that work ethic is what elevates an athlete to the top of their field and that even with natural born talent, without an unshakable work ethic, success will be out of reach.


Complete One is one of the North East’s leading event marketing firms. Managing Director, Glen Lowes frequently hosts educational and motivational workshops and seminars to assist the firm’s workforce in their business development.






Date Published:  20th February 2018

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