Complete One Host Seminar on Staying Motivated


Newcastle-based event-marketing specialists Complete One recognise that motivation is the driving force for success and that without it, the long and winding road to success can be hard to navigate.

This past week, award winning entrepreneur and director at Complete One, Glen Lowes, held a companywide seminar to help the firms staff and contractors to learn how to maintain motivation to allow them to follow through on their goals and reach their full potential;


  1. Have A Precise Vision


The key element of motivation is a precise vision to ensure that someone knows where they want to go claims Complete One. “You have to know where you’re going and work every day to get there, doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal,” commented Mr Lowes. Complete One encourages their staff and contractors to look

towards their goals and envision themselves doing things to get them closer to them every day. The event-marketing specialists argue that for entrepreneurs, every day brings new challenges and new opportunities and they must know where they’re going to get there.


  1. Positive Social Media Consumption


The influence of social media consumption has become staggering claims Complete One. According to statistics, the daily time spent on social media has now risen to over two hours. That’s approximately 1/8th of someone’s waking time. Therefore Complete One argues it is imperative that people are consuming positive social media information to help them to maintain motivation. “Make sure you are investing your time wisely and that the people you follow on social media add value to your day,” commented Mr Lowes. The award-winning entrepreneur encourages the firms staff and contractors to follow pages with inspirational quotes, as well as people who are already successful and in a position they aspire to be. Only consuming positive information will promote a positive attitude and help someone to achieve and maintain motivation.


  1. Have a go to list of contacts


Perhaps the most important tip, Mr Lowes explained the importance of a good list of contacts. “An entrepreneur’s network is an invaluable tool in their journey to success. A good go to list of contacts should comprise of people at different levels, ones who will push your buttons to get you to take action, others who will listen and advise and individuals who are at the level you aspire to be,” commented Mr Lowes. The director at Complete One urges entrepreneurs to build a diverse network of contacts, focussing on quality over quantity. There is a famous quote from American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.


Complete One is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Newcastle. The company specialises in a personalised form of marketing which allows them to connect with consumers on a one-to-one basis via face-to-face marketing techniques. MD Glen Lowes is passionate about helping develop aspiring entrepreneurs, turning them into successful businessmen and women.



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