Complete One host workshop on maximising the 1440 minutes of every day

Newcastle-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, Complete One argue that effective time management is what separates those that achieve average results from the individuals that achieve extraordinary ones. This week the firm held a workshop on maximising the 1440 minutes of every day.

Entrepreneur, business owner and Managing Director at Complete One, Glen Lowes, believes that providing ongoing education is the key to success. This week Mr Lowes hosted a company-wide workshop on maximising the 1440 minutes of every day.


Mr Lowes believes that successful people know how to manage time and therefore are able to complete lots of tasks with the 24 hours everyone has. During the two-hour workshop, Mr Lowes shared his three top tips for effective time management.


  1. Take responsibility and control

The first step to controlling time is taking responsibility for it. “You have to own your time and take responsibility for yourself and your actions,” said Mr Lowes. Complete One argue that many people complain about not having enough time, however, successful people have the same amount of time each day as those that are unsuccessful, they just use it wisely. Mr Lowes stated that, “time isn’t working against you; it’s meant to work for you.”


  1. Work in time intervals

Complete One state that in order to maintain the motivation to pursue goals and maximise every hour of every day, it’s crucial to work in small time intervals. With people’s attention spans getting shorter, it might be necessary to work in focused intervals if needed. Complete One suggest working in 15 minuteintervals, giving a task complete concentration and if that’s too short, moving to 30 minute intervals.  “Do whatever it takes to be productive and accomplish your goals. Control your time don’t be consumed by it,” said Mr Lowes.


  1. Eliminate wasteful activities

The biggest consumer of time is pointless tasks that don’t contribute to the bigger picture claims Complete One. Mr Lowes encouraged the firm’s contractors to assess their schedule and to make a list of every activity they do on a daily basis that doesn’t help them to progress towards their goals. For example, for most people, social media or technology can prove to be incredibly distracting and wastes tremendous amounts of time. “By identifying the tasks that are not productive, and eliminating them it provides more time to focus on the tasks that count,” said Mr Lowes.


“There is inevitably a link between time management and productivity.  If people want to achieve optimum productivity levels, they have to master their time first,” said Managing Director, Glen Lowes.


Complete One is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Newcastle. The firm specialises in a personalised form of direct marketing, which allows them to make long-lasting connections with consumers on behalf of their clients’ brands. By working closely alongside their clients, the firm is able to design and implement campaigns that are tailored to their target consumers. At Complete One they frequently host educational workshops and seminars to help their staff and contractors enhance their business development.




Date Published:  23rd November 2016

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