Complete One investigate the significant differences between Millennials and Generation Z

With Millennials a focus and target market for brands and businesses, award-winning sales, marketing and promotions firm, Complete One is interested in the next generation and has launched an investigation into the differences between millennials and Generation Z.

By definition, millennials are individuals born between the early 1980’s to the mid-1990’s. The term ‘millennials’ was coined as people realised they would be the first graduating class of 2000, the new millennium. Generation Z are those born between 1995 and 2012 who will be coming of age between 2013-2020.  Newcastle-based event marketing specialists, Complete One is interested in the critical differences between the two demographics.


  1. Less Focused


Generation Z are growing up with more technology at their fingertips than previous generations. Generation Z lives in a world of continuous updates, and therefore they process information faster than other generations due to apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Therefore, it is likely that their attention spans might be significantly lower than Millennials.


  1. Generation Z is Full of Early Starters


Generation Z are less likely to pursue further education and instead opt to go straight into employment. Many employers are predicting that more teens, between 16 and 18 will go straight into the workforce, opting out of the traditional route of higher education, thanks in part to the prospect of years of debt, many in Generation Z are predicted to choose a different path.


  1. Generation Z Is More Entrepreneurial


According to Deep Pater, a Generation Z marketing strategist, “the newly developing high tech and highly networked world has resulted in an entire generation thinking and acting more entrepreneurially.” According to research, Generation Z desires more independent work environments. When questioned, 72% of teens stated that they wanted to start their own business someday.


  1. Generation Z Has Higher Expectations Than Millennials


Generation Z has grown up in a world overrun with technology and therefore, while Millennials appreciate the fantastic inventions, Generation Z often takes them for granted. Generation Z has had the luxury of everything at their fingertips, and they expect businesses, brands and retailers to appreciate them.


  1. Generation Z Is Big On Individuality


According to statistics, nearly 92% of those surveyed who were a part of Generation Z had a digital footprint. Generation Z seeks uniqueness in all walks of life in experiences with brands they do business with and future places of work.


As a company that is continually seeking the next generation of ambitious and talented individuals to help take the business forward, Complete One has a keen interest in the characteristics of this emerging talent pool.





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