Complete One review claims that only 8% of people achieve their goals

With research suggesting that a staggering 92 people out of 100 fail to achieve their New Year goals, Newcastle-based event marketing specialists, Complete One have reviewed those claims.

Complete One place a lot of emphasis on goal setting for their contractors. Goal setting can drive motivation, build cohesion among a group thus helping a business hit their targets and improve their skills.


Complete One’s Managing Director, Glen Lowes, sets weekly goals within the company both for himself and the representatives so that they are able to achieve objectives on a regular basis. By setting long and short-term goals, Complete One understands that they can unlock the potential of each of their contractors, helping them build character and develop in the business world as they achieve the goals they are set.


Goal setting can help a person rebuild themselves after experiencing tough times, or even set their path towards a new target and move in that direction. When professionals decide to pursue entrepreneurship, goals can help them evolve to succeed at whatever it is that they want to do. One of the common issues is while there are goals set and outcomes that people would like to see fulfilled, people tend to fail to follow through with things that they want to achieve.


Failures can happen for a number of reasons. As a study shows, most resolutions fail to make it past the wishful thinking stage. When 92 out of 100 people fail to achieve their New Year goals, what is responsible for such frequent failure? For one, people may fail to follow through on their goals due to picking the wrong objective, not setting realistic or achievable goals, a lack of support or guidance and not planning strategies to overcome obstacles.


Complete One provides some tips to achieve the goals set:



Set goals, track progress, analyse results and reset your goals. Follow that recipe and goals become that much easier to see achieved.


Make goals trackable

Objectives are bound to fail because they are not clearly defined. If they are too vague for a person to be able to measure success, it becomes too hard to plan a proper action plan. Try setting goals using the S.M.A.R.T. technique; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound.


Focus on habits

Setting daily or weekly habits can help a person reach a long-term objective.


Complete One is a young outsourced sales and marketing company who specialise in customer acquisition through their direct marketing campaigns. The firm are experts in increasing the market share for their clients and raising brand awareness through their imaginative and interactive promotion techniques. Complete One pride themselves on their dedication to seeing the personal development of their staff contractors. By setting goals and providing advice and guidance through their mentorship scheme, Complete One have enjoyed the successes attained by the young professionals whom they work alongside.




Date Published:  25th September 2017

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