Complete One: Think your way to success with positive thinking

Event marketing specialists, Complete One believe in the power of positive thinking. The award-winning Newcastle based firm have published their guide to thinking your way to success.

Success starts in the mind, states event marketing specialists, Complete One. Having a positive mental attitude has been widely recognized as a significant factor as to why people are successful in business.  Psychology professor, Barbara Fredrickson has researched extensively into the subject of positivity.  The professor has found that individuals who think positively end up with a much higher capacity to take on board new information, their perspective on the bigger picture improves and they have ability and energy to take on challenges, which all ultimately increases their chance of business success.


Complete One believes that a positive attitude is one of the critical components for success, which is why they teach their team how to achieve and maintain a positive attitude.  Complete One teaches positivity to their team of sales contractors because of the influence that it has on how successful someone can become. ‘We believe that teaching about how to have and maintain a positive mental attitude is crucial in businesses said a spokesperson for the company. ‘It is important to focus on what you can control and to not get bogged down by the things that you can’t control’ added the spokesperson.


Complete One released their guide on how to think positivity to success and reveal their top three points as:


Either win or learn – a person who has a positive mindset will see a mistake as an opportunity to learn as opposed to a failure seen in a negative light. They won’t get down about the error; instead, they will use it as a learning opportunity to improve for the future.


Make an impact on others – positive people will think about how they can make an impact on the lives of others, not just for the success of themselves.


Monday momentum – it is important to love Monday’s, says Complete One. Getting ahead on a Monday will kick off the momentum to ensure that the rest of the week is a success.


Complete One is event marketing specialists that connect in-person with consumers to create long-lasting business relationships between their client’s and their client’s customer base.  The firm builds a culture of success and positivity that work in sync to create a productive and winning work environment.






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