Cultivate a Culture of Happiness Using Complete One’s 5-Step Guide

Direct marketing and sales specialists, Complete One attributes their continued success to their company culture. The Newcastle-based firm is encouraging companies to cultivate a culture of happiness using their 5-step guide.

Research undertaken by economists at the University of Warwick reveals that happy workers are 12 percent more productive than the average worker, while unhappy ones are found to be 10 percent less productive. Outsourced direct sales and marketing company Complete One has always seen a close connection between happiness and productivity and is investing a great deal into creating a working environment, which promotes happiness. Glen Lowes, Managing Director of Complete One, says: “While many companies focus a lot on innovation and results, some seem to forget that happier people perform much better than unhappy ones.” Being on their way to becoming one of the UK’s market leading direct sales and marketing firms, Complete One explains how they spread happiness within their business by following these five steps:


  1. Listen to what they have to say

People want to feel that their opinions and hard work are valued. Complete One finds it important to say how much their workforce matters to them. In addition to that, the firm says that business owners should show their appreciation daily through action, for example letting people attend important meetings to feel involved, giving them some time outside the office and having an open door policy, being there for them.


  1. Implement an incentive programme

Complete One insists that incentives increase motivation and encourage workers to achieve better results as they push further in order to make these incentives more attractive for them.  “Incentives are not just beneficial for the workforce, but increase greater financial results for the business,” explains Glen Lowes of Complete One.


  1. Let them understand their impact

People make an important impact on the business. They are the ones meeting with customers and representing the company. Complete One, therefore, recommends communicating business goals to them. By introducing individual and team targets, people can understand how important their impact is on the business’ success. This makes them feel important and gives them a true sense of purpose and a feeling of satisfaction.


  1. Make their day

Complete One has made it their mission to make everyone in the business smile at least once a day. “This is important and it encourages everyone to engage with each other,” states Glen Lowes of Complete One. The firm has made it a ritual to speak with their workforce, joke with them and listen to their stories. In addition to that, they do little things, such as bringing in coffee in the morning or bringing in chocolates.


  1. Build trust

Businesses who foster a culture of trust throughout all levels are more likely to have a happy workforce that loves working with them. Complete One says it is crucial to be open with each other and also discuss new career growth opportunities with workers. “People will stay and feel happy if they have their own personal development plan and see how the business can help them achieve their personal goals.”


Complete One is one of the fastest growing direct sales and marketing companies in the North East. The firm specialises in customer acquisition through event-based marketing campaigns. The year 2016 was record breaking for Complete One, being awarded a sales and marketing award, expanding their client portfolio and breaking the £1 million turnover barrier. By continuously focusing on their people’s happiness, Complete One believes that 2017 will be an even better year. Their main objective is to extend their market reach throughout the country and open up in at least two further locations by Q3.





Date Published: 28th February 2017

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