Drop the excuses to make 2018 a prosperous year claims Complete One

Complete One is one of the North East’s leading event marketing firms. A key secret to its success is its commitment to the development of its people. Managing Director, Glen Lowes is urging aspiring entrepreneurs to drop the excuses to make 2018 a prosperous year.

Complete One recently held a companywide workshop on excuses keeping people back from achieving goals and reaching their full potential and how to overcome them.

Since its inception in 2012, Complete One has expanded their market reach throughout the UK and Managing Director, Glen Lowes attributes much of the firm’s success to the investment they make into contractors and its belief that when people make excuses, they are lying to themselves.  Award-winning entrepreneur, Glen Lowes is urging aspiring entrepreneurs to drop the excuses and get results.

  1. Tackle challenges head-on

Often, the things holding people back are all in their mind. Mental or emotional blocks can make people feel anxious. This sense of fear and anxiety can lead to a lack of confidence which holds people back. Complete One believes that people can overcome that initial fear and mental roadblock by facing challenges head on and that once people make it a habit of recognising when they’re letting these feelings creep in, it gets easier not to let them hold them back.

  1. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

There is an excellent quote from the motivational public speaker and self-development author, Brian Tracy, “Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” At Complete One the firm recognises that stepping outside of a comfort zone can be daunting and that this can be a real mental block for people. However, it works closely with professionals to advise and guide them to take the leap. “As with anything, practice makes perfect.” Claims Mr Lowes. The award-winning entrepreneur believes that people can overcome that uncomfortable feeling by taking every opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone so that eventually it won’t be scary anymore.

  1. Keep learning

At Complete One the firm believes that self-confidence is one of the essential attributes for business success. “You have to believe in yourself before anyone else can believe in you,” commented Mr Lowes. The event-marketing expert argues that for entrepreneurs self-doubts are common; however, it’s crucial not to let a lack of confidence prevent achieving goals. Complete One believes that people can boost confidence by committing to continued education and by always being prepared.  Those two things will instil a sense of confidence that can be hugely beneficial

Complete One has a proven track record of developing aspiring entrepreneurs into successful businessmen and women and believes that many people don’t reach their potential because of excuses.

Date Published:  8th January 2018

SOURCE: http://www.eofire.com/excuses-hold-you-back/

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