Glen Lowes of Complete One announces the launch of a new project

Award-winning entrepreneur and owner at Complete One, Glen Lowes, announced exciting news this week, confirming that the event-marketing firm will be launching a new project in December.

With market reach spanning five cities; Complete One is one of the leading event marketing firms in the UK. In a world of ever advancing technologies, Complete One offer clients something that is often lacking in today’s digital world, the personal touch. Since they opened in 2012, the firm has worked with several of the UK’s leaders within the Charity, Finance, Online Film & Media and Telecommunications sectors and Mr Lowes has announced that the firm has partnered with one of the UK’s most prominent energy suppliers, a new venture for the event marketing specialists.


The new project is set to launch on December 4th, and Mr Lowes stated that the firm has been working hard behind the scenes, undergoing full training and conducting extensive research to ensure that everything runs seamlessly.


“This is a really exciting deal, the energy sector is a whole new market for us, and it’s always really thrilling to test new waters,” commented Mr Lowes. Despite no previous experience in the energy field, Mr Lowes is confident that the firm will be able to deliver. Speaking during an interview in September last year, Mr Lowes stated;


“The name ‘Complete One’ actually comes from the standards that we want to hold ourselves to. This is a goal we have always hit as for every client we have represented we have been their number one provider of customers using the face-to-face channel.”


Complete One is confident that it can get results no matter the product, and for that reason, Complete One offers services on a no win, no fee basis. “No matter the product, people buy from people. If you follow the systems, you can sell anything,” commented Mr Lowes.


With 2018 fast approaching, it’s an exciting time at Complete One as the firm begins to reflect on its achievements this year, and set goals for the New Year. “We expanded services into York in Q1 this year, and now have secured a contract with one of the biggest energy providers in the UK. I believe the acquisition of this new client will be the catalyst for growth and will help us meet our primary objective for 2018, which is to extend our market reach throughout the UK and establish Complete One as a dominant force with the UK sales and marketing industry,” commented Mr Lowes.

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