Glen Lowes of Complete One comments on entrepreneurship being a more stable career choice

In the last few weeks, the news has been full of stories about companies closing stores and going into administration, and Managing Director at Complete One, Glen Lowes has commented on entrepreneurship as a more stable career choice.

With thousands of people at risk of losing their jobs in the wake of Toys ‘R’ Us, Carillion, Prezzo, Maplin, and New Look all either going into administration or closing stores, Managing Director at Newcastle’s premier event marketing firm, Complete One now argues that employment is no longer the stable career choice that it once was. The award-winning entrepreneur is claiming that entrepreneurship is now a more stable prospect.


Complete One holds a daily morning meeting, designed to motivate and inspire their workforce to achieve optimum productivity. During one of the firm’s meetings this week, Managing Director Glen Lowes spoke on the subject of career stability. New Look is set to close sixty stores across the UK putting 980 staff at risk of losing their jobs. The collapse of Carillion has put 2500 jobs at risk. 3000 staff risk losing their job as Toys ‘R’ Us is set to go into administration, and 11th-hour rescue talks designed to shore up Maplin are also said to have broken down, meaning that the 200-store electronics chain also faces imminent bankruptcy, putting 2500 jobs at risk. Prezzo is also under pressure, with the Italian restaurant chain set to close about a third of its outlets in an attempt to rescue the business, meaning 94 branches are set to close, with the loss of 100 jobs. The downfall of those five companies is set to cost over 9000 people their jobs. During the meeting, Mr Lowes argued that entrepreneurship was now a more stable career choice and that since the double-dip recession, the number of people pursuing entrepreneurship has increased. The award-winning entrepreneur contends that entrepreneurs can control their own career paths and they aren’t at risk of losing their job due to trouble at the top. Mr Lowes was personally affected by the recession, having previously worked as a carpenter. When the recession hit, Mr Lowes lost his job. In January 2011 Mr Lowes started his career in the sales and marketing industry and went on to open Complete One a year later. “I’m extremely fortunate to work in an industry that is recession-proof.  Companies will always need customers no matter the state of the economic climate,” commented Mr Lowes.  The business owner is urging aspiring professionals to pursue entrepreneurship to put the power into their own hands.


Complete One is one of the North East’s leading event marketing firms. Managing Director, Glen Lowes is an advocate of entrepreneurship and is a passionate business coach and mentor.

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