Glen Lowes of Complete One promotes the benefits of a sales career

With client demand to increase representation, event-marketing specialists, Complete One are looking to expand their talent pool.  Managing Director, Glen Lowes has released a statement explaining why people should consider a career in sales.

Speaking during an interview towards the end of 2018, award-winning entrepreneur and director at Complete One, Glen Lowes revealed his primary focus for 2019 was to expand the Complete One brand and extend the firm’s market reach throughout the UK. Now with increased client demand, the firm is looking to increase representation on their largest project, representing one of the world’s largest energy providers.

Since their inception in 2012, Complete One has adopted a unique approach to recruitment, with their  ‘no experience – no problem’ strategy. The event-marketing specialists have a diverse workforce from a range of educational and occupational backgrounds. With his wealth of experience in the industry, Mr. Lowes believes that the main attributes for success are a strong work ethic, a good student mentality, and a positive attitude.

Mr. Lowes has revealed the six advantages of a sales career.

Great career prospects

A career in sales enables individuals to acquire a wealth of transferable skills, learning time management, public speaking and how to be an entrepreneur. All of which are valuable skills to carve out a successful career.


Even in times of recession, companies always need customers; therefore, they always need salespeople. A sales career offers the security that others are unable to sustain during economic downturns.

Excellent earning potential

Working in sales, unlike most jobs, the harder you work, the more you make. With uncapped commissions, Complete One offers its contractors the chance to control their income.

Continual personal development

At Complete One, they offer their sales contractors on-going workshops and seminars. Mr. Lowes is passionate about development, and he believes that education is integral to the firm’s continued success.


One of the best things about working in sales is the variety that every day brings. Unlike some industries where every day can feel the same, a sales career is filled with new experiences, meetings with different people and travel opportunities.

Developing a great attitude

To succeed in sales, it requires a great attitude.  Salespeople hear ‘no’ more often than they hear ‘yes,’ therefore, they have to develop and safeguard a positive attitude. ‘With the right attitude, anything is possible,’ commented Mr. Lowes.

Complete One is an innovative, ambitious and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing company, specialising in customer acquisition through in-person promotions. In a world of ever advancing technologies, they offer clients something that is often lacking in today’s digital world, the personal touch.

The firm is currently undergoing massive expansion.  If you would start your career in the world of sales, send your CV to


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