Glen Lowes of Complete One Promotes the benefits of Entrepreneurship

Serial entrepreneur and director at Complete One, Glen Lowes has been promoting the benefits of entrepreneurship and urging aspiring professionals to consider pursuing entrepreneurship as a career path. 

Complete One are advocates of entrepreneurship, and they have become a hub for those with business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. Managing Director, Glen Lowes is a passionate business coach and mentor who relishes the opportunity to help aspiring professionals fulfil their potential.


Since their inception in 2012, Complete One has been able to attract and retain top talent because of their unique business development opportunities, providing ambitious and talented individuals with a structured career path and the chance to progress their business development. Award-winning entrepreneur, Glen Lowes has been promoting the benefits of graduating the firm’s business development program and the doors that can open.


Since launching Complete One in 2012, Mr Lowes has become a serial entrepreneur. The business owner now has a property venture and is implementing his love for sports into his business by sponsoring rugby union side, the Newcastle Falcons. The Complete One director is urging the firm’s contractors to not focus solely on one venture, but to explore other opportunities and generate multiple income streams.


Complete One’s unparalleled development opportunities provide participants with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to oversee their own projects and potentially go on to run their own business. The event-marketing specialists offer a nurturing and supportive environment where people can hone their skills and take their career to the next level.  Two graduates of the programme are currently running a business in the US. Mr Lowes and the firm’s competition winners recently flew out to New York City to network with those individuals and other industry professionals in the US.


Despite guiding and nurturing individuals in the direct sales and marketing industry, Mr Lowes is urging people not solely to focus on the industry they are in but to use their current role to open doors. The business owner shared the opportunities that the sales industry can bring.


  • Networking – access to some incredible people who have great influence and can open doors to other ventures
  • Control over your future – rather than waiting for a position to open up to progress your career, as an entrepreneur, the future is in your own hands
  • Financial Freedom – Uncapped earnings
  • Only Accountable to yourself – as your own boss, you don’t have to answer to anyone.


“Networking in this industry has been fantastic. I have met some incredible people who can open doors to explore other ventures. Being my own boss has also allowed me the financial freedom to explore other opportunities and generate multiple income streams,” stated Glen Lowes, Managing Director.


Complete One is the North East’s premier event-marketing firm. In a world of ever advancing technologies, they offer clients something that is often lacking in today’s digital world, the personal touch. They are advocates of entrepreneurship, and Mr Lowes is urging those with an entrepreneurial spirit to explore entrepreneurship as a career.



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