Glen Lowes of Complete One reveals the traits shared by successful entrepreneur

Complete One is one of the fastest growing companies in the North East. They are a young, ambitious and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing company, specialising in customer acquisition through in-person promotions. Their expertise lies in increasing market share and raising brand awareness, for its client portfolio, through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns.

Award-winning entrepreneur and business owner, Glen Lowes is passionate about his role as a business coach, mentor. Mr Lowes has revealed successful entrepreneurs share the same traits, which he identifies as being able to see failure as a learning experience, they don’t take no for an answer, and they have a Type-A personality.


First and foremost Mr Lowes finds successful entrepreneurs know how to accept failure. Having the ability to see failure as a learning experience is by far one of the most important traits of any successful entrepreneur. They are determined to bounce back as they look to accomplish something that’s far bigger than themselves and are driven by more than just personal gain.


Secondly, successful entrepreneurs won’t take no for an answer; it’s not a word that appears in their dictionary. It’s their will to be the first to get up and the last to go to bed; they will not be stopped by anyone until they achieve their goals.

More often than not a successful entrepreneur will fall under the Type-A personality bracket. Type-A individuals are considered to be ambitious, regimentally organised, highly status-conscious, impatient, proactive, and concerned with time management. People with Type A personalities are workaholics. They push themselves with deadlines, hate both delays, and most importantly they are willing to take risks.


Capital One knows that budding entrepreneurs can need a push in the right direction. It is with this in mind that Managing Director Glen Lowes actively looks to help entrepreneurs. Mr Lowe regularly attends conferences across the country to give pass his experience on to those that would gain value and share his views on the importance of positive self-branding. Most recently he attended an industry leadership conference in Scotland on the subject of social media and branding and he now excited to demonstrate the knowledge he gained moving forward.


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