Glen Lowes of Complete One takes inspiration from self-made entrepreneurs

Newcastle-based event marketing expert, Complete One is an advocate of entrepreneurship and offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurial dream via its business development opportunity.

Since its inception in 2012, Complete One has a history of developing aspiring entrepreneurs into successful businessmen and women. Managing Director, Glen Lowes is a passionate business coach and mentor and relishes the opportunity to help aspiring professionals achieve their goals and reach their full potential. The award-winning entrepreneur was inspired to speak out on his role as a mentor, after reading an article about entrepreneurs who started with nothing.


  1. John Paul DeJoria


Despite not achieving the same recognition as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, John Paul DeJoria has accomplished feats of entrepreneurship and business management to rival them. DeJoria started out as a janitor and tow truck driver before eventually working at a hair care company, where he met the man who would influence his career, Paul Mitchell. Using a $700 loan, DeJoria and Mitchell started a business that turned into the conglomerate now known as John Paul Mitchell Systems. DeJoria then went on to co-founded Patron Spirits and was a founding partner of the House of Blues chain. Today, the self-made entrepreneur has amassed a staggering net worth over $3 billion.


  1. Kevin Plank


Before becoming the CEO of Under Armour, Plank was broke when he started selling signature clothing under the Under Armour brand.  The entrepreneur managed to save $20,000, and use $40,000 of credit card debt to fund his dream. Plank got a break when he made a substantial sale of $17,000 to Georgia Tech University, and from there garnered momentum to make sales to two dozen NFL teams. In just a few short years, Plank was able to cultivate millions in sales and hire hundreds of employees and today, Under Armour generates almost $2 billion in retail sales, and has nearly 6,000 employees.


  1. Jan Koum


Despite his lack of notoriety, Jan Koum is the founder of one of the most used messaging platforms, WhatsApp. Born in a small village near Kiev in Ukraine, Koum came from poverty, before his family emigrating to California. After moving to the US, Koum began learning about computers in his spare time. In 1997, Koum was hired by Yahoo! as an infrastructure engineer. After a decade in that industry, the entrepreneur recognised there was tremendous potential in the app industry, and he started WhatsApp Inc. in 2011.  By 2014, WhatsApp had become enormously popular, and Facebook purchased the platform for a phenomenal fee of $19 billion.


  1. Sam Walton


Founder of Walmart, Sam Walton started with almost nothing when he started his own general store in 1945 with a $25,000 loan from his father-in-law to fund that initial purchase. Walton’s store was an instant success in the retail industry, and that led to the first official Walmart opening in 1962, in Rogers, Ark. Just fourteen years later, Walmart was worth more than $176 million, with Walton considered the wealthiest man in the United States at one point.


Complete One is one of the North East’s leading event marketing firms. With a market reach spanning five cities across the UK, the company has tremendous business development opportunities and takes a keen interest in entrepreneurial success.


Date Published:  15th February 2018

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