Glen Lowes of Complete One Talks Team Building at London Business Conference

Managing Director at Complete One, Glen Lowes added to his portfolio of speaking engagements this past weekend where he addressed business owners on the subject of building solid teams.

Mr Lowes was invited to speak at a three-day business event, held in the UK’s capital city. The event brought together business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and recruitment specialists from across the UK. Mr Lowes was a delegate for day one and two, before taking to the stage to address delegates on the final day of the conference.


The business event was held at the 4-Star Park Plaza London Riverbank over August 3rd to 5th. Day one was solely for business owners with experience coaching and mentoring aspiring professionals, nurturing them into businessmen and women. Delegates were addressed by six keynote speakers covering a wide range of subjects including; what it takes to build an organisation, time management, importance of travel and maintaining communication with mentees, realities of being a business coach, running an organisation, and improving as a business coach to help develop more business owners. The session closed with a Q&A with national consultants in the industry.


Day two brought together business owners and recruitment professionals. Delegates were in the same session for the first part of the day. The introduction session saw five keynote speakers cover the following subjects; writing ad content, creating and following a daily/weekly schedule, headhunting, utilising industry computer software and common mistakes. After the lunch break, delegates were divided into two groups, with the business owners and recruitment professionals separated to attend tailored seminars. The business owners were addressed by five guest speakers covering the following subjects; recruitment vs interviewing, how to produce rapid growth, welcoming and nurturing new recruits, running productive business trips and how to identify and develop the next rising star.


On Sunday, August 5th, the final conference of the weekend took place, and Mr Lowes was among the guest speakers. The award-winning entrepreneur was among five guest speakers in the second session, comprising business owners with experience of developing talent. Mr Lowes was asked to cover the subject of building solid teams. Complete One launched in 2012, and since then, Mr Lowes has gained invaluable experience in assembling teams and expanding his business into multiple locations across the UK. MrLowes revealed his top tips and actions that people can implement straight away.


Mr Lowes has made a concerted effort to boost his number of speaking engagements this year, and he was delighted to be invited to speak at the event this past weekend. “I love sharing my knowledge and experience with others, helping them to progress their career and go on to become the leaders of the future,” commented Mr Lowes.


Date Published: 9th August 2018

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