Glen Lowes of Complete One Urges Entrepreneurs to Practice Success Habits

An award-winning entrepreneur, and proud business coach and mentor, Glen Lowes is urging aspiring entrepreneurs to practice success habits. The director at Newcastle-based events promotions firm, Complete One, has shared his habits for success.

Every entrepreneur faces the same challenges; leadership, team management, keeping on track to achieve goals and talent acquisition claims Mr Lowes. The entrepreneur believes that these challenges can easily be dealt with by implementing the following habits.

  1. Master Art of Self-Promotion 
    The most successful entrepreneurs recognise the importance of self-promotion argues Mr Lowes. The business owner believes that aspiring professionals need to learn to always be thinking about their business and promoting it. Entrepreneurs need to be vocal about their business, achievements and goals for the future to gain new opportunities. “Promoting your business is vital to entrepreneurial success. Utilise all channels to spread the word,” commented Mr Lowes.
  2. Stay Disciplined 
    American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn famously said:” Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” Mr Lowes believes that discipline plays an integral role in both personal and professional success. One of the keys to success is time management, and discipline and effective time management go hand in hand claims Mr Lowes. The director at Complete One contends that discipline is what drives someone to stick to their plan and turn their dreams into a reality.
  3. Hire Smart 
    Since launching his business in 2012, Mr Lowes has become an expert in finding top talent. “Your people are your business, so choose wisely.” Commented Mr Lowes. Finding the right people is critical to entrepreneurial success. At Complete One the firm has adopted a tried and tested three-stage process, where it can provide applicants with an extensive insight into what a typical day working at Complete One would involve, as well as allowing the firm to assess applicants and their suitability fully. “Don’t rush the process, invest time and effort into identifying the right people and you’ll reap the rewards,” said Mr Lowes.

While Complete One doesn’t pre-judge on education or experience, Mr Lowes revealed the skills he does look for; a positive, ‘can do’ attitude, a good student mentality and a strong work ethic. The business owner believes that as long as someone possesses those three qualities, that he can teach them all of the necessary skills to become a key player.

  1. Effective Communication 
    Good communication is imperative for business success claims Mr Lowes. At Complete One, they specialise in customer acquisition and therefore, good communication skills are vital! “It’s critical for aspiring entrepreneurs to be able to communicate effectively, whether that be verbal or written. Mastering the art of communication can be the difference between success or failure,” said Mr Lowes.
  2. Keep Learning 
    “Too many people fail in business because they make the mistake of thinking that they know everything. In my experience, the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who possess an incredible student mentality and the thirst for knowledge,” said Mr Lowes.

At Complete One, the company emphasises the importance of continued education, offering contractors on-going coaching and mentoring as well as access to workshops and seminars, enabling them to progress their business development.


Date Published:  20th December 2017

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