How to strike a body language power pose according to Complete One

Body language can be an incredibly effective tool for success argues Newcastle-based event marketing and promotions experts Complete One.  The firm held a workshop recently explaining to their staff and contractors how to strike a power pose.

Body language is simply another word for nonverbal communication. A person can express emotions, feelings and thoughts all through subtle changes in facial expressions, the use of gestures and a person’s posture and body position. It is believed by psychologists that body language reveals more than the spoken word and that when communicating with people, it is important to promote the right body language.


A 2011 progress in body language came from a theory developed by a team of US social psychologists, who proposed that ‘when you pretend to be powerful, you are more likely to feel powerful’.  The suggestion of holding a powerful pose will help a person better prepare for a difficult or stressful situation and will help a person to approach individual events more confidently. For example, in the way that a male gorilla will beat their chest to assert hierarchical dominance and a male peacock will fan their tail feathers, a human can use open and expansive body language to increase confidence, power and dominance.


Body language also has a positive effect on an individuals’ well-being, said the same study. People who have a low self-confidence should practice using ‘power poses’ to increase their levels of assertiveness.  Event marketing and promotions experts, Complete One value the importance of adopting a confident and powerful body language when working on the company’s in-person marketing campaigns.


‘Body language is a potent tool when communicating with customers and clients, which is why we take the time to develop this form of nonverbal communication with our sales contractors’ said a company spokesperson for Complete One. ‘We operate in people based business, from our client’s in-person marketing campaigns to our networking events, so individuals who want to go far in the industry must be able to master this skill’ added the spokesperson.


With their headquarters in Newcastle City centre, Complete One is an event marketing and promotions company that specialises in a personalised form of marketing, allowing them to connect in-person with consumers. This in-person communication has resulted in the firm creating long-lasting business relationships between their client’s and their client’s customer base.  As a people business, great body language is an important skill to have when working with Complete One.



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