MD at Complete One Glen Lowes travels to London for 3-day business event

Managing Director of Complete One, travels to London to attend a 3-day business event within the outsourced sales and marketing industry.

Managing Director of events marketing and promotions firm, Complete One, travelled from Newcastle to London to attend a 3-day business event from Friday 22nd January and Sunday 24th January 2016. Guests attended the first two days of the conference by invitation only, however the final day was open to a wider audience group of businessmen and women.


As well as the conference offering a chance to network with other business professionals, it was an opportunity for business owners to listen to speeches from some of the industry’s top performing business experts, to learn from their experiences, and use the newfound inspiration to help develop their own business and achieve greater success in 2016. The conference ran a series of workshops and talks, with the focus around business development and investing in people.


“The conference was extremely educational and I took away a wealth of knowledge to apply into my business model to ensure 2016 is a success for Complete One,” said Glen Lowes, Managing Director of the firm. “I love travelling to these events because as well as it being an opportunity to gain further business knowledge, it is also a chance to network with other entrepreneurs and business owners within the industry,’ added MD Glen Lowes.


The event was also a great opportunity for networking. For an entrepreneur, networking is a key activity that is not only fun, but critical to personal growth and business development. Small business is all about networking, building relationships and taking action.  Networking for small business growth must be strategic and focused, which is why the event at the weekend was a good opportunity for it to happen.  Complete One believe that everything the firm does can be driven by the intention to grow the business, and this 3-day conference was a great networking opportunity.


Complete One is a young, ambitious and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing company, specialising in customer acquisition through in-person promotions. The firm’s Managing Director regularly attends conferences and events aimed at increasing business knowledge and performance.



Published  27th January 2016

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