‘Should you hire experience or potential?’ Complete One Debates

Newcastle-based event-marketing experts, Complete One has a diverse company, comprising of graduates, career changers and those entering the working world for the first time. With many companies considering experience as the be all and end all, Complete One debate ‘Should you hire experience or potential?’.

When it comes to recruitment, most companies consider experience to be vital, and that leaves many talented individuals struggling to get their foot in the door. “A lot of really talented people find themselves in the catch 22 of not having experience but struggling to get a job where they can gain the experience needed,” commented Glen Lowes, Managing Director at Complete One.


Since they opened in 2012, award-winning event-marketing specialists, Complete One have worked with individuals from a range of educational and occupational backgrounds. The firm has adopted a no experience – no problem approach when it comes to talent acquisition, and they have revealed the benefits of this strategy.




Someone with no experience has new ideas to bring to the table, and that is vital to drive innovation.   New ideas can help a business to grow and help motivate other team members. This fresh thinking from individuals with no industry experience is what Complete One believes makes them so valuable to their clients.




Someone with no experience has a lot to learn and a lot to prove. Given the opportunity to work in a new industry and gain skills, these types of individuals will aim to please and will want to show someone made the right decision to hire them.




Someone without experience is easy to mould. They don’t have any bad habits and are more likely to be adaptable and open to new ways of doing things. Those with experience tend to be comfortable with certain ways of doing things, whereas someone without experience is like a clean slate and very adaptable.




Complete One believes that one of the main benefits of a no experience – no problem approach to talent acquisition is the opportunity to build a diverse business. At Complete One they work with individuals from a range of occupational backgrounds including construction, catering, hospitality, retail, telesales and much more. Mr Lowes believes the firm’s diversity is one of the secrets to their success. “We have such a mix of talents and skill-sets who collaborate really well,” stated the business owner.


Complete One prides itself on its no experience – no problem approach to talent acquisition. The firm doesn’t pre-judge anyone on education or experience and believes that businesses should hire for potential and then train these individuals to be skilled.


Complete One is an award-winning outsourced sales and marketing company based in Newcastle city centre. In a world of ever advancing technologies, Complete One offer clients something that is often lacking in today’s digital world, the personal touch. Award-winning Managing Director, Mr Lowes is urging companies to take a balanced approach to recruitment, and not overlooking the potential of individuals with no experience.






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