Why food, sleep, and exercise are the secrets to success argues Complete One

Business coach, mentor, and owner of Complete One, Glen Lowes, believes that food, sleep, and exercise are the three key components for success.

With vast experience in guiding young minds to success, Glen Lowes MD of Complete One, successful sales, and marketing firm based in Newcastle urges young entrepreneurs not to overlook the importance of three key factors in achieving success.  Food, sleep, and exercise is key influencers to a person’s ability to function and focus.


Glen Lowes reveals why he is confident looking after three key components will boost success in business:


Food – Make good choices, a clean diet will allow the body to preserve energy that would otherwise be spent on digesting a heavy or greasy meal.  Food is our fuel, and it is critical to productivity to ensure healthy choices are made that will feed the brain and not create sugar crashes and slumps in energy.


Sleep – Sleep deprivation has been scientifically linked to higher levels of stress, lower brain function, and higher blood pressure.  It is essential for the body to set and stick to a routine for sleep and wake up times to boost productivity and improve focus.


Exercise – The body way of producing the natural happy hormone, exercise causes the body to release endorphins throughout the body, they offer a sense of achievement and boost energy levels.  It is vital to incorporate exercise into the day, and our brains function better with increased oxygen levels pumping around the body fueling muscles and sparking creativity.  Try taking the stairs, jumping off the bus a stop early or cycling to work to boost physical activity in the day quickly.


When things aren’t going too well, it can be all too easy to ignore these key three factors, but over time these can contribute to burnout and can leave entrepreneurs feeling like they cannot reach their goals and quitting.  Glen Lowes urges entrepreneurs to look after themselves if they want to achieve long-term sustainable success.


Complete One is a growing outsourced sales and marketing company who specialise in customer acquisition through their direct marketing campaigns. The firm is experts in increasing the market share for their clients and raising brand awareness through their imaginative and interactive promotion techniques. Complete One pride themselves on their dedication to seeing the personal development of their staff contractors. By setting goals and providing advice and guidance through their mentorship scheme, Complete One have enjoyed the successes attained by the young professionals whom they work alongside.




Source: http://www.success.com/article/food-sleep-exercise-why-you-seriously-need-all-3-to-be-successful


Date Published:  9th October 2017

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